Choose your dates between 11 to 15 Jan 2014


BAY OF LIFE SURF, India’s first and Tamilnadu’s only Accredited Surf School.

Camp Highlights
Knowledge on Surfing 
Basic origin of surfing
How to read the ocean and weather
Understanding waves and rip
Ocean safety

Sport of Surfing
Training on soft top boards
Understanding equipment and gear
Surfing methodology and skill training
Entering and exiting the water safely

Timing: ( Morning 8 am to 11 pm) and ( evening 2:30pm to 6 pm)

Age: 6 yrs onwards

Join the fun and try your hand at surfing!
Choose from our 2, 3 and 5 day programs 
and make the ocean your playground!
Discover Surf Tryout Session : Rs.1500 ( 1.5 hrs)
First Wave Structured Lesson ( 3 hours per day) 

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WEEKENDER 2 days: Rs.3500
Experience 3 Days : Rs.5000
Ultimate Experience 5 Days: Rs. 6000

Call us for Family and group packages 

Ocean Safety Training
Surfing etiquette
Understanding the sea
Soft top boards and Equipment, sips and bites included.

Advanced Training:
Stuck on a level and not able to progress on that wave? It's time to step up and go pro! 
Take your surfing skills to a new level with professional coaching on skill improvement.
Rs.1000 - Skill training sessions ( 1 hour )

Ocean swimming, snorkeling and more...
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Get ready to hit the beach!