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Chennai's First Surf school
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Chennai' safest shallow beach
Under 4ft, sheltered cove, Near Fisherman's cove, Kovalam, Chennai
A decade of appreciations
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Ocean sport
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Great fun comes with great knowledge of the ocean. Come and experience something unique. 



Our first discovery in India is that any one can surf. The waves are nice and friendly, the water is warm and marine life is perfectly safe for sea goers unlike many parts of the world. All you need is a good, well rounded institution to get you initiated and you are sure to discover an ocean of joy

Instructors: Siddharth C, Showkath, Kamesh, Micheal, Gokul, Karthik


We introduced flat water & Ocean Kayaking in Chennai. Now Kayaking is closer to home than ever, situated in Kovalam on ECR, Bay of Life offers beginner to pro courses. Kayaking in Chennai was never this approachable.

Instructors: Showkath, Kamesh, Gokul

Standup Paddling

Learn from the introducers of paddleboarding in India, fully certified team and Limca record holders. A team worth your time and effort. By far the most easiest and fastest growing water sport in the world

Instructors: Showkath Jamal, Siddharth C, Kamesh

Ocean Swim

Learn with the pioneers of ocean swim and ocean literacy in India, Bay of Life is Chennai’s first surf school. First accredited in India, fully certified crew from NOLS (USA), WMI (USA) , SFI (IND) , NIWS ( Goa). With more than 9 years experience in the ocean Bay of Life has trained over 8000 men and women, including 8 year olds in ocean sport. Get on board.

Instructors: Micheal, Siddharth C

Team outing

Chennai’s favorite team outing activity. Ideal for corporates and clubs.

Customised, exclusive, nothing like you experienced before.

Ocean safety

Make the ocean your playground. Learn the read the ocean like a book, learn to float in the ocean, understand currents and wave science. and more.

Instructors: Showkath, Siddharth, Kamesh, Micheal

The team

Bay of Life team is a rare mix of surfers, biologists, lifeguards, instructors, engineers and conservationists united by one common passion – the ocean. With safety and expertise certifications from NOLS USA, WMI USA, NIWS (IND), and the International Surfing Association, we have built a team that is knowledgeable, dedicated and approachable.


Bay of life was formally created in 2011 to bring about awareness on ocean conservation through sport, education and community involvement. eco friendly ocean sport is a toll to enjoy and appreciate the ocean. 

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  • Location: 300 mts before Taj Vivanta, Kovalam, ECR, Chennai