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Beginner Tryout Session

Experience for the first time the world of safe ocean sport and learning, Surfing and Stand Up Paddling. A fun-filled session that introduces you to the water sports.
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Session Highlights:
Surfing beginner lesson
1.5 hours
Max group size 6
1:3 Instructor Ratio ( For One on One session click here)
Learn :
Introduction to Surfing and ocean.
Surfing white water waves
How to read the ocean and weather.
Understanding waves and rips.
Ocean Safety.
Basic pool swimming skill recommended
( if you are a Non swimmer? click here )

This is where beginners discover the joy of surfing. Perfect for newbies, novice swimmers who love the ocean.

Includes basic ocean safety training, ocean swimming surfing in a One : Three format. Get ready to taste the ocean!

WHAT TO CARRY Men Women Common
 Round neck T-shirt Round neck T-shirt Towel
 Shorts Shorts/Tights Shower gel
 Change clothes Change clothes Sunscreen
 Bag to carry wet clothes back
Do not carry loose jewelry / rings in the water.


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